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Hi there,

Welcome to Nathan Gray Fitness Online

I hope this finds you well !! 

Having been training people 1-2-1 and within groups for many years now some things have become apparent here at Nathan Gray Fitness.


One of the biggest obstacles that stop people from training well and seeing results is knowledge!

Now we aren't talking about how to use a machine or get to the gym, we are talking about how to put those exercises that you know (or don't) into a proper program that will let you see and feel the changes and benefits a great workout can give.

I would say that about 70% of my 1-2-1 business is made up of people that are afraid to try something new or just don't know what that something new is.

We all hit a plateau in our training lives and its about knowing how and when you need to change things up so that your body adapts again to a new challenge, (like it did when you first started training) therefore keeping the progress going.

Now everyone can look on Instagram, Facebook, You Tube etc and get ideas, but what you choose may or may not be the best for you. The reason? its a very "cookie cutter" approach, a 1 program fits all. They are out there for the mass market. Don't get me wrong, I am all for social media and the benefits it provides - I use them and put ideas up now and then, but they are just that - ideas. Quite simply they are not PERSONAL to YOU and YOUR needs in life.

So why are we here? why are you reading our site and what can we offer?

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to opt for Personal 1-2-1 sessions for many reasons, we get that.

Time, finances, life commitments and location all can be an issue (our experiences) You may have other constraints and so will many others, but that is not a reason to not live the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

This is where we can help!!


We have branched out to help those that fall into the above categories

My experience from coaching all types of people from all types of backgrounds with and with all types of goals  will let us develop the right plan for you to get the results you desire.

So what do you get??

Not only will we develop the exercises you may currently do, but will bring in new ones and look at variations of the type of workout you do.

Advise you on nutrition* which is key to fuelling yourself on a day to day basis and key to loosing fat or building muscle.

Personalise your plans to make sure you don't get the 1 size fits all as mentioned earlier.

Provide you with all the plans you need per week, detailing exercises, sets, reps etc to deliver the change.

Weekly or 2 weekly check ins via email or whatsapp / text to ensure the plans are working for you.

This is just the basics of what you get, for more information then you need to speak to us direct!!

Now the big question - PRICE!

1-2-1 sessions can be expensive, Online sessions provide the same standard of workout plan we would deliver on a 1-2-1, you just don't get me when you workout. This means you get a workout for a fraction of the price, but still get the years of experience to help you.

Now saying that everyone reading this will have different needs so will require a different package. However we are not going to charge you more just because you are a novice and need more time. The price is the Price.

So if you are serious about getting where you want, get in contact!

It doesn't cost anything to chat and potentially this could be the start you have been looking for.

Have a great day, and hope to speak to you soon

Best Regards


Owner Nathan Gray Fitness

*I am not a Dietician - therefore cannot write specific plans for health issues. These need to be supplied via a Registered Dietician

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