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Raven Chapman


Professional Boxer

Previously England & GB Boxer

Really professional plans and great support! Always incorporating new and interesting exercises to keep training from getting stale. Has helped me massively with improving my footwork to get the best out of my sports performance for boxing. Highly recommend Nathan to beginners in fitness, as well as sports people wanting to up their game.

Stuart Goodman


Weighloss & Fitness

I joined welcome gym high wycombe to get back in shape and ready myself for a snowboard week, having lost 4 stone+ and spending the last 2 years at welcome gym high Wycombe I have learned so much about fitness from my personal trainer Nathan Gray, without whom I wouldn't have got to wear I am now. If your looking for a good gym with friendly staff and a great trainer contact Nathan.  I look forward to my gym sessions and all the weirdly unorthodox exercises he puts me through....... but hey it's working 😅

David Blythe

david blythe.jpg

Strength & Size

Brilliant plan and seemingly endless support!! Would recommend Nathan to anyone serious about hitting their workout goals!!!

Steve Coughlin


Fat Loss & Strength

“Having worked in an office for 8 years and steadily gained weight throughout my 20s, I found myself out of shape with only 12 months until my wedding. I enlisted the help of Nathan with the goal of becoming stronger and “to look better in the mirror”. Since then I have seen my body change, and along with it my strength and confidence. For me, it’s about the journey and I look forward to setting and achieving new goals along the way.”

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